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in the pulp and paper industry. The jobs are here.

If you’re looking for an exciting and rewarding career, the pulp and paper industry may hold the keys to your future. NPT2’s partner colleges offer a variety of two-year degree programs leading to lucrative and satisfying careers — even more so than many four-year degree programs. Plus, you will be hands-on with the latest cutting-edge technology as you learn the skills you’ll need to succeed in a competitive workplace. Students aren’t just gaining knowledge; they are applying knowledge. NPT2 programs give students broad-based skills in science, mathematics, problem solving, communications, safety and computers, while practical labs allow students to put those skills right to work.

NPT2 has worked with industry leaders throughout the nation to develop classes and training labs that guarantee you’ll graduate with the skills that your future employer will demand.

Summer Institute

Every year NPT2 hosts Faculty and Student Pulp & Paper Summer Institutes at community colleges across the nation. These programs provide faculty and career counselors with insight into providing students with educational and career advice.
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