Putting education to work.

NPT2’s training works because it makes your workers
more valuable from day one.

NPT2’s Pulp and Paper Technology Training has been a success for all stakeholders. The program is needed. It is timely, effective, and valuable to employers and graduates. The program’s content is focused on critical job requirements, and the performance of the graduates is very high as they come to work ready to apply what they learned. They are quickly and consistently becoming assets to their employers as they contribute to productivity, innovation, process efficiency and ultimately—profitability.

NPT2 trained workers save you money by qualifying for jobs faster.

The program’s impact on employers is significant because the graduates are far ahead of workers coming from other sources. Graduates of NPT2’s program qualify for jobs much faster than the norm. This means that the typical costs associated with training and developing new workers can be cut dramatically.

Workers are trained to troubleshoot so they cut downtime.

Significantly cutting downtime is extremely valuable for any mill. While mills used to rely on its most experienced workers to take on troubleshooting responsibilities, workers trained in NPT2 programs break this expensive tradition. NPT2 trained workers are able to walk into a job with skills that take years to develop. In addition, they bring with them the larger perspective of the overall mill operation that helps them see ways to anticipate problems before they arise. Then, when they do see a problem, they have the confidence to react and develop a solution to keep the mill operating.

Our training contributes to a safer mill.

The value that companies have placed on employee safety over the last few decades has led to tremendous improvement. However, there is always room for more. NPT2’s training emphasizes that workers know more than just how to do their jobs, but also how to recognize and report hazards, deal with unusual or upset conditions, handle hazardous materials, respond to risky situations and emergencies, and know where to get help. Workers trained by NPT2 are seen as role models for others on their teams.

NPT2 training gives workers a head start on proficiency.

After earning a two-year degree from an NPT2 program, workers typically are considered to be at the skill level of an employee with over four years of experience. Dramatically proving this point is the fact that a prominent organization now requires five years of experience—or a two-year degree from our program—to qualify for a job.

Workers coming out of our program cut turnover.

Great workers are hard to find, so it makes sense to keep them. Workers who have been through our program tend to have higher job satisfaction levels and stay on the job longer. We make sure they have an awareness of the industry and the mill operations so they appreciate the aspects of the different jobs. These workers see the role they play and enjoy having a future in the industry. They see this as a career, not just a job.

Our training can cut absenteeism and costs.

We teach more than how to use the latest technology. We also focus on some of the intangibles that still can have a significant impact on your profitability. We train workers to take pride in their work performance, to be responsible, to lead, and to work effectively in teams. All of this contributes to a workforce that wants to be on the job.

Your leaders of tomorrow are in our programs today.

As a high percentage of the industry’s workforce approaches retirement, the benefit of bringing bright, young people into the industry is clear. To meet this need, NPT2 has developed a variety of programs to attract potential employees and to change perspectives of the Pulp and Paper industry. Once in our system, we make sure that workers have the skills they’ll need, but also have a “big picture” perspective of the industry. To fill leadership roles, they need to be aware of the complexities of the mill and understand their role in the success of the company.

Summer Institute

Every year NPT2 hosts Faculty and Student Pulp & Paper Summer Institutes at community colleges across the nation. These programs provide faculty and career counselors with insight into providing students with educational and career advice.
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