Putting education to work.

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A key part of NPT2’s success has been the partnerships we’ve developed with community colleges. This network of schools, all near mills across the nation, provides the ideal environment and infrastructure to train both process and maintenance technicians.

To be in our network, community colleges need to provide state-of-the-art equipment and instructors with years of industry experience. They also need to respond to changes in the industry. Through our integrated learning system, maintenance technicians will acquire the latest techniques in industrial maintenance, leading to superior asset utilization and performance.

Community colleges provide hands-on experience.

The resources available to students in community colleges are significant. These institutions provide access to the same technology and equipment found in today’s mills. Thanks to this hands-on experience, workers will walk into the job with skills that otherwise would take years to develop. This is a game-changing strategy for the industry. And it is how NPT2 is putting education to work.

There are times when all a mill needs is for their process and maintenance technicians to take a specific class. Other times they really need to enhance some specific skills across a broad base of their workforce. These are precisely the challenges NPT2 meets through our two-year degree program, one-year certificate program, and an unlimited number of customized programs—both credit and non-credit.

Two-year degree program

The curriculum NPT2 offers works because people in the industry helped create it. The industry needs a significant number of process and maintenance technicians with 21st-century skills to enable companies to profit from advances in technology. Working with the best people in the industry and educational heavyweights, we created an accredited two-year program.

We make the program available in a variety of ways. It takes advantage of traditional classroom and lab environments. But we also adapt it to eLearning situations, and it’s frequently used in blended learning, which uses both hands-on experience and the benefits of traditional and online classes. This accredited program teaches core academic, applied and specialized subject areas so workers come in with a solid foundation of pulp and paper technology as well as relevant math and chemistry skills. We also frequently incorporate classes a mill already uses, or we develop classes for a specific need. Some credits from these classes are transferrable to four-year universities.

This program works. For example, an operation in the Southeast now requires a two-year degree in Pulp & Paper Technology as a consideration for employment. This company is so committed to NPT2’s educational program that it provides a significant number of scholarships to high-school graduates to ensure they will have a dependable supply of technologically advanced process and maintenance technicians.

One-year certificate program: online and on location

Our one-year program is also accredited and includes many of the same core academic and technical requirements of the two-year program. This program features the combination of academic rigor, convenient access, and fewer credit hours to allow incumbent workers the opportunity to achieve advanced skills while working full-time. This program is also attractive to many companies and their employees due to the fact that it can be taught in a variety of learning environments, including traditional classrooms, online, and on location in the mill.

Customized programs

Every mill is unique, and the industry is changing every day. This is why we’re frequently asked to develop a customized program for process and maintenance technicians. The options we offer are unlimited. They can be part of a degree or certificate program and can be offered for credit or non-credit. They also can be incorporated into your continuing education efforts. You and your people will benefit from how we can deliver these classes. Again, they are accessible through traditional class environments, eLearning opportunities, enterprise learning management systems, or a hybrid of them all.

Summer Institute

Every year NPT2 hosts Faculty and Student Pulp & Paper Summer Institutes at community colleges across the nation. These programs provide faculty and career counselors with insight into providing students with educational and career advice.
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