Putting education to work.

NPT2’s Summer Institutes introduce students and faculty to the opportunities in the pulp and paper industry.

Every year NPT2 hosts Faculty and Student Pulp & Paper Summer Institutes at community colleges across the nation. These programs provide faculty and career counselors with insight into providing students with educational and career advice. Students who participate in the program get real-world experience and exposure to the industry. This exposure has proven to be an effective mechanism for positively changing students’ perception of the industry. They will be introduced to the Scholarship-to-Internship-to-Job model that could lead to a career in an industry that may allow students to stay in their region and enjoy a high-paying career.

Participants of Pulp & Paper Summer Institutes will:

  1. Apply science and physics principles related to chemical and paper technology.
  2. Learn about renewable energy, recycling, and reducing waste as a paper industry professional and how to create a wide variety of products from a single renewable resource.
  3. Receive practical experience with chemical, pulp and paper processes.
  4. Learn key forest products processing elements, including pulping, papermaking, paper recycling, and product testing.
  5. Visit local pulp, paper, and chemical operations to learn first-hand how the industry works.

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