Putting education to work.

NPT2’s curriculum works because the people in the industry helped create it.

NPT2 offers a proven curriculum that can eliminate skill gaps. Working with a dedicated group of community colleges, subject-matter experts, supplier companies, and industry organizations, we’ve developed a curriculum that dramatically improves the skill sets of workers, translating directly into technical efficiency and process improvement. These solutions are designed to enable the industry to achieve optimum performance and profitability through intellectual horsepower, not just muscle.

Take a brief look at a sample of one of our courses.
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NPT2 equips the workforce with 21st-century skills.

Included in our curriculum are the essential workforce skills of communication, teamwork, information technology, innovation, diversity, critical thinking, and time management. Workers will learn the STEM skills of science, technology, engineering, and math. We also provide them with the key applied/runability skills of process control, quality, basic maintenance care and condition monitoring, and troubleshooting. This is a sample of classes offered at a community college, augmented by NPT2’s curriculum:

  • Pulping Technology
  • Paper Technology
  • Chemical Recovery and Environmental Control
  • Wet-End Chemistry
  • Mechanical and Structural Fundamentals
  • Fluid Power Systems
  • Principles of Industrial Electricity
  • Advanced Industrial Process Control Technology
  • Industrial Safety
  • Introduction to Process Technology
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Rotating Machinery and Controls
  • Industrial Process

As emerging fields develop, we prepare the workforce to master these technologies.

It’s not just about making paper anymore. As the pressure mounts to be competitive, the industry is turning to emerging technologies such as nanomaterials and biomass gasification. However, for these technologies to solve market challenges, they require a technically advanced workforce. At NPT2 we’re constantly adding to our curriculum to address these needs. Whether it’s retraining an existing workforce or preparing the next generation of workers, we have the technical experience to make training relevant, and the educational experience and delivery systems to make them broadly accessible.

We make the training people need, available where they happen to be.

No curriculum is effective unless it’s accessible to the workers who need it. Therefore, we make our training flexible and accessible. Some mills utilize our two-year degree program; others use one of our certificate programs, blended learning options, or Enterprise LMS solutions. Frequently our curriculum is taught to incumbent workers and traditional students through local community colleges, while others ask us to assemble a combination of instructor-led classes at these institutions, classes on-site at their mill, and in self-guided online courses. We even offer Summer Institutes to introduce students to the opportunities in the industry.

The world is flat. Your profitability doesn’t have to be.

These days the competition is not just down the road, it’s on the other side of the planet. While mills invest in the technology to compete, their biggest advantage can be their people. With the right training, skill development, and motivation, a workforce can help mills compete with anyone, anywhere. NPT2 can help get there. Contact NPT2 to learn more about the workforce of tomorrow.