Putting education to work.

NPT2 training provides the workforce of the future for the
pulp and paper industry—while helping people attain
rewarding careers.

The pulp and paper industry is facing a serious shortage of technical workers. This is due to the move to more automated technologies and intelligent production systems. The crisis is even more dramatic due to the impending retirement of a generation of seasoned workers who will take decades of experience with them. This is a challenge to the industry—but a wonderful opportunity for the people who will fill these rewarding jobs.

NPT2 offers the solution.

The National Network for Pulp and Paper Technology Training (NPT2) gathers the best minds in college and industry to create exciting, fast-paced and effective education and training programs that lead directly to great careers. Our nationwide network of community colleges, combined with NPT2’s proven curriculum of accredited programs give students hands-on experience with the latest technology used in all aspects of the pulp and paper industry. Additionally, we offer programs that are suited both to traditional students and those that are currently on the job. And most of the degree programs can be completed in just two years.

We’re about more than just hitting the books; we’re about real-life experiences that prepare people for these excellent jobs. Graduates enter the job market ready to snag a top-paying job. We really are all about putting education to work, because the people in the industry designed our programs. They work for the companies that need excellent workers—and for the people who want a rewarding career.